Our production systems are a guarantee of superior quality, technology and professionalism.

We design and implement your ideas taking care of every detail.

The construction, production and packaging of a cover, whatever its intended use, represents the core of our productive activity.

The Plastex Philosophy:

Quality is not just a word, today it identifies a serious and concrete working method, a method of living the company and facing everyday challenges to ensure the best result.

To create a qualitatively superior artefact every detail and every phase acquires importance.

Partners and Suppliers:

Plastex has made qualitative partnership the main road to its growth,

We do not have suppliers but real strategic partners with the common goal of evolving more and more the very concept of the membrane, with processes and studies aimed at making the covers more and more performing and durable.

To accompany that process that is experiencing the transformation sector that sees important investments in R&D, to ensure greater energy efficiency, less environmental impact, greater beauty of fabrics and persistence that goes so far as to guarantee the artefact for over twenty years.

Buying advice:

It’s not the sale that drives us!

This is the spirit of our consultants, our goal is to be able to offer technical advice and capable, able to make our customers perceive our superior quality and our best professionalism, able to suggest solutions and actively participate in the project.

Make sure this is the only path to fully and in the best way your needs.

Phases of work:

After the initial advice and the receipt of the assignment of the job, the contract is registered in special modules approved by the quality management system, inserted in the manual of procedures. Subsequently, the technical office analyzes the project related to the coverage and if necessary, a meeting for the detection of measures on the spot is agreed upon with the client. This is when the structure already exists.

Otherwise, that is, when the structure has yet to be built and produced, the design for customer approval is sent by our engineering and only then do we proceed with the steps described above.

The project will take into account all the fundamental factors to ensure maximum safety, resistance, and greater energy savings thanks to Plastex’s patented processing and intellectual property techniques – IME system® –

Once the raw material has been verified through quality control, the project is developed and implemented through advanced calculation and drawing software.
Once the project is finished, we proceed with the pre-production Engineering, aimed at transforming a theoretical process into a series of symbols, signs, indicators and technical standards able to be easily read and processed by the operators of the cutting room.

Finally, the Cutter will give the first primordial shape to the artefact, which our master craftsmen will model through their experience and the use of high-frequency welding machines, up to create a unique work.
At the end the coverage thus obtained will be folded and packed, together with any objects accompanying the supply.

Each phase is strictly controlled by the Quality Manager and traced, to prepare the artefact for the final control that considers the complete photograph of all the processing phases and all the report documents to draw up a final balance sheet of the work.

ISO 9001:2015 certified company we have more than 100 controls in our manuals to ensure superior quality.


Plastex adopts a quality management system in order to increase its competitive advantage over the competition, putting the customer in the business center and its full satisfaction.
Certificazione iso 9001 MSCertOur Quality Management System has been certified ISO 9001:2015 by MS CERT, one of the leading certification bodies.

Plastex Quality Route

Relevant factors and processes:

Raw Material
Selection Partners and Suppliers
Continuing Training
Updating Software
Standard Production IME System®
Control Check V-M-D
Quality Manager
Drafting of quality document Production

Lightness, resistance and durability!