Covering systems suitable for every need without any form or size limitations

Roofing systems designed for small and large spaces, sports facilities, industrial warehouses and private areas.

Roofing systems designed for small and large spaces, sports facilities, industrial warehouses and private areas. We provide different types of covering systems, all characterized by different range of economic value, environmental impact, comfort features, receptivity.

The following systems can be distinguished in several types: partially or totally mobile structure, covers with pressure control and tensostatic covers.

Permanent covers are made with different construction systems: laminated wood, steel, geodetic.

The choice of the type of constructive system used must be made taking into account the budget available, the requirements of use provided in the management plan, the existence of any constraints of any type of urban or landscape plan, etc. Calculating the costs and the relative benefits, which compares the different construction systems available to each other, we must clearly include not only those relating to the purchase and installation, but also those for management, maintenance, storage and storage. We also have to take into account the expected time and materials used.

It is very important to consider the time factor and – above all – to be sure the materials used come from certified sources that guarantee their quality even from the point of view of safety; in fact, there is no overlook in the fact that there are people – not goods – in the vast majority of the structures. Every type of cover produced must meet both technical and qualitative requirements.

The textile membrane coated on both sides with PVC used, thanks to its high resistance to external factors such as light, extreme temperatures, precipitation and easy washability, guarantees longevity as well as lamellar wood or galvanized steel used for the structure undergoes treatments that preserve the deterioration.

Clearly, it is also important to comply with maintenance plans with periodic inspections, which are designed to ensure correct operation and detect any irregularities before it becomes a failure, thus ensuring greater security and longevity of the structure itself.

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