Airdome, Next Covering Level

Technology, Innovation, Avant-Garde and Dedicated Solutions

What is an Airdome?

Technology, engineering, cutting edge and engineering, this is an Airdome.

Structure supported by an air overpressure that can reach considerable dimensions, well over 150 meters.

Over the years, Airdome has developed practical and above all functional, design and resistant solutions thanks to technology and innovation.

The average life is gradually increased thanks to the evolution of the textile membrane to reach up to twenty years of autonomy and safety.

Technology integrates more and more into the airdome making it digital and intelligent, able through AI to manage processes, indicate and prevent dangerous situations, optimize consumption and much more.

How to make Airdome safe?

There are some fundamental elements to consider such as:

  • Anchoring system
  • Stress Wind
  • Carico Neve
  • Internal pressure
  • Choice of material

Every element is important, the design of each Airdome goes through various phases to ensure quality, resistance and above all safety.

Behind every work there is the passion and philosophy of Plastex to make each project a unique work

What are the Benefits of Airdome?

  • Simplified bureaucratic practices
  • Low environmental impact
  • Suitable for temperature from +70,- to -45,- the
  • Wind resistance 200km/h
  • Fire-resistant