Plastex philosophy is based on professionalism and quality

We offer a highly innovative and technological service

Only those who know the importance of processing can make such a complex process simple.

What is pre-production engineering?

To understand the importance of this phase, just think of how many processes it understands.
It starts immediately after the design and deals with transforming a theoretical process into a practical realization, where absolute precision experience and competence become fundamental factors.
It deals with the transformation of simple PVC into absolute quality products. It concerns every stage of processing and if good simplifies it for master craftsmen who follow its indications.

Only those who have all the processes within the company are able to engineer taking into account all the relevant factors

Plastex is the only company in Italy to offer this expertise and quality.


The HI RAPTOR 2.5 machine boasts 20 years of evolution, thanks to its technology and software that integrate the concepts of industry 4.0 with complex production systems, guarantees a precise and fast cutting.

Thanks to the control of our qualified operators we guarantee the realization of any project, we can convert any of your ideas into a concrete Proposal

Some of our services:

  • Concept study with personalized consulting
  • Engineering project
  • Production design
  • Cut masks with references for welding phases
  • Highly qualified cutting service with specific advice

360° services designed to make easy difficult operations, giving your projects certified quality and professionalism.

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