We are looking for people full of passion and talent!

Tell us your story!


We are always looking for motivated and enterprising new talents who share our mission and our innovative vision to meet every challenge with passion and dedication. 

We appreciate the experience and professionalism but we also believe in young people with a spirit of initiative and desire to win new challenges.

At PLASTEX people are important.

We want to create and maintain a brilliant, diverse and extremely inclusive team. Regardless of background, we welcome anyone with talent, teamwork attitude and emotional intelligence. 

Our selection is carried out in full respect of equal opportunities and without any discrimination.

You will find open colleagues who will make you feel part of the team and a dynamic and stimulating environment, fertile ground for professional and personal growth.


This section is dedicated to you! Let us know your potential, express your ingenuity and make us participate in your projects!

We are going to challenge you!

The textile architecture sector is constantly growing and evolving, fascinates all operators every day with new challenges, new evolutions and new scenarios!

Our challenge is to:

Test yourself, create a project that expresses your full potential and send it via Email to:

[email protected]

What are you waiting for?

Each project will be viewed and evaluated by a team of experts in various disciplines, the creator of the best projects will be selected to integrate them or collaborate with our Team

Show off your talent!


If you want to build a boat, do not gather men to cut wood, divide tasks and give orders, but teach them to miss the vast and infinite sea.


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