Custom made vehicles covers

Experience, attention to detail and great resistance.

PVC covering for vehicles, such as semi-trailers, trucks, etc. carried out by specialized personnel in the field of moving vehicles sector, together with the great tensile strength and tearing of the textile membrane in which PVC are made, they are added to the processing performed by the Plastelo srl.

They are custom-made tents based on the size and characteristics of the vehicle. Easy to clean thanks to the double lacquer of the PVC and easy to be handled due to their function especially in the lateral shutters that are in most cases sliding but also in the roofs that can be fixed depending on the model or cover.

It is possible to choose the color besides the possibility of being accompanied by logos and serigraphs that allow the customization of the reference company.

The great experience in the field has contributed to and allowed Plastelo srl to serve the industry’s leading trucking companies. Each type of vehicle is carefully check, in order to check all the details, than are taken all the measures and passed to the manager who, after having processed the related development, proceeds with sending the files directly to the plotter for the automated cutting of the fabric PVC to be performed from PVC coil.

Subsequently, the sheets obtained from the previous operation are welded using high frequency welding, which acting on the polymer molecule of the PVC structure will in fact allow welding. The tarpaulins, equipped with the requirements contractually agreed, are assembled and – after final inspection by the manager, as provided by the ISO quality manual procedure – delivered to the customer.

Plastelo srl also supplies anti-robbery wraps made with a special network inside that allows greater resistance to intrusions. They also pack green polyester nets for covering the boxes.

Moreover, a repair service is carried out directly on the vehicle tent: this process provides the use of special hot air heater, capable of repairing the damage found with the addition of necessary PVC fabric or, in the event of major damage it is necessary to disassemble the damaged part and operate with high frequency welders. Obviously everything is being evaluated by our reference technician at the moment.