Computerized cutting service on PVC and similar

Cutting processed with the utmost precision, for single or series machining cut.

Plastex srl is always looking for new services and options to offer to its customers, and has recently bought a new computerized plotter that can make high precision cuts on PVC fabric and the like, for any shape and number of pieces.

The plotter, placed inside the area called” the cutting room”, receives the design developed with the various settings for the various cuts which will bring – when assembled with high frequency welders – to the final product, depending on the order they are going to carry.

Its potential is very high: it is in fact the latest generation in the field and thanks to its high technology it is able to perform any type of work. It is possible to make cuts for large covers, inflatable cuts, airlines cargo trolleys, different or single-size, or special shapes etc.

The technical manager, highly skilled, is able to find – at the time of customer’s claim – the best solution for the product according to the customer’s needs, providing the best product using  less time and best material, while maintaining the precision of the execution, lowering the costs of implementation, thus giving a significant benefit to the end customer.

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