Replacement of PVC fabric covering membranes

Replacement or change of PVC sheet on existing structures of any shape and size.

The nominal duration of a PVC cover is about ten years, but we insist “nominal” because everything depends on the type and particularly the quality of the material used to make it. In any case, if the changing of the sheet or the replacement of the PVC membranes becomes necessary,  Plastelo srl bring into play all its experience gained over the years.

Whatever shape may have the structure (arch, geodetic, pressure-static) of whatever nature is its supporting structure (lamellar wood, steel), this type of solution or intervention represents a new “life” for the structure itself, guaranteeing its use for so many future years. The cover membrane is evaluated and considered together by our technician and the sales manager, who  – after careful and thorough analysis – offer the ideal solution to the customer for the realization of the new one.

For example, in the case of a specification in a tender notice, the work will be executed exactly with the same features required.

The textile membrane coated both sides with PVC, is purchased from the best manufacturers on the market. Its fundamental feature are traction and tearing resistance, which allow the tension to be attached to the supporting structure. The various types are identified by the weight expressed in gr / mq, and treatments that are made on the external lacquering.

After the “technical drawing”, is developed by the head of the technical office and transferred to the computerized cutter plotter, we start to test the various cuttings or spheres obtained, which are assembled and welded through special high frequency welding machines. All covers are made with a fireproofing certificates in accordance with European standards.

Plastelo srl provides and also offers an installation service, in partnership with certified and qualified assembly outsourcing company. Our commercial office is available for any kind of information, request and offer.

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