Innovative Structure Systems, Membrane & Energy Efficiency Improvement ®

There can be no innovation without sustainability paths

Our philosophy is based on the continuous serch for sustainable development paths.

In the current economic reality, there can be no real innovation without the integration of a Green process that considers sustainability as one of the main drivers.


In 2016, Plastex started a Research and development process aimed at improving and increasing its processes and innovating the services and products offered.




The innovation activity is based on an experimental Research and Development project called “Innovative Structure Systems, Membrane & Energy Efficiency Improvement ®”. I.M.E.

The activity involves all the expertise centers of the company, pushing them to a continuous search for new solutions that can improve and integrate the current technologies in the development processes.

Short-term objectives:

  • Promotion of Textile Architecture;
  • Sustainable Processes;
  • Longevity of the Artifacts;
  • New Uses and Applications of the Textile Membrane;
  • Improving the Current Standards;
  • New Types of Products.

The long-term objectives are:

  • Process Development, thanks to the I.M.E.;
  • Technology Design Adaptive to New Needs;
  • Rationalization of the Regulations;
  • Leadership in Sectoral Training;
  • Leadership in Sectoral Knowledge;

Some of the Topics addressed:

–   Aereation;

–   Climatology;

–   Material Components;

–   Longitudinal Cuts;

–  New Assembly Techniques;

–   New Methods of Anchoring;

–  Air Dome Oscillation;

–  Indirect Lighting;

–   Cooling and Heating;

–  Environmental Impact;

–  Insulation and Thermal Delta Study;

–  Mega-Dome Structure Welding Methods;

–  Materials and Tensile Strength;

–  Data Analysis.

Plastex is the only company in Italy to offer this competence and this quality.


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