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AirDome: discover all the features


In recent years there has been a real evolution in the sector, dictated by an ever-increasing demand and by more refined and particular and performing forms. We have moved from a standard Airdome concept used in the sports industry to a true design Airdome concept that can give beauty and personality. The use of Airdome is constantly developing in many sectors thanks to its great advantages and characteristics.

Technical Advantages:

  • Weatherproof
  • Designed with verified and approved calculations
  • Autonomous energy
  • Safety in the event of an earthquake or in seismic areas
  • Resistant to temperatures above +70°C
  • Long-lasting guarantee and reliability Natural light filter
  • No condensation problem resists wind loads of more than 200 km/h
  • Resistant to temperatures up to -45°C


Airdomes are chosen for a wide variety of uses:

  • Sports covers
  • Industrial covers
  • Roofing in emergency situations
  • Mobile laboratories

The installation is simple and modular, does not require important construction works and has a very low environmental impact being the structure completely removable. Studios and research increasingly integrate Airdomes with technology, modern installations can be managed remotely thanks to systems that manage every part of it, monitor every nuance and allow complete control of the structure simply by looking at the phone or tablet.

Technology and research and development has produced incredible results in this sector, increasingly eco-friendly and performing membranes, increasingly accurate management and monitoring systems possibilities for maximum customization.

The membrane is transformed from first materials to an intelligent membrane with the possibility of managing any snow loads or auto Sanitize in complete autonomy.

Only experience and reliability and passion for this work produces important results, our research is as continuous as the quality that we can offer you. We face this work trying to transform our structures into real works admired all over the world, we bring Italian manufacturing associated with sophisticated engineering services in all our artefacts.

We face this work with the utmost professionalism and dedication, to ensure the quality you need.

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